@justcocktails we are educators and leaders first and bartender’s second.

We offer a wide array of seminar’s tailor-made for your group or experience. We offer these to trade, “on location” at a number of licensed establishments or in the home.


“The art of the cocktail seminar Series”

A series designed to showcase training and technique along with a healthy dose of history and trivial facts about the COCKTAIL.

  • #1 – Introduction to the tools and classics (tailored to group) – CHECK IT OUT HERE.
  • #2 – Dive into the origins of the “Cocktail”: Pre-Prohibition
  • #3 – 4 Styles of Cocktails – American, European, Japanese & Yours!
  • #4 – Bring the cocktail bar home, and don’t break the bank.
  • #5 – Bartending vs. Mixology and the real difference will surprise you.

“The short modern history of cocktails through AMC’s MADMEN television series”

Designed for the group to take a light-hearted approach to cocktails and the influences of the almighty “DRINK” in our short modern history.

“Cocktails for couples”

By popular demand, this seminar focuses on keeping your “better half” happy through the “Art of Imbibing” at home and while about the town. We delve into the most delicious and fun ways to your “significant others” heart, through the palate. 

“Spirits Specific Training” 

  • Introduction to tequilaSEE SAMPLE HERE
  • Tequila Master Class – AMT & CRT level training through @TSImports
  • Whiskey or Whisky?The Legend of whisk(e)y is torn into battle lines, international debate, war and horse racing, we walk you through it all A-Z from Bourbon to Scotch to the Japanese legends.
  • Rum through the agesTake a look at the most INTERNATIONAL spirit class on the planet.
  • The Gin Compendium – Gaz Regan wrote the book, we just make it accessible to you. THIS IS OUR FAVOURITE TOPIC 
  • Liqueur This, Liqueur That – Why we started, when we went wrong and how we are recovering this category. 

** Our roster grows by the day and we have many bar & skills specific training modules that we can also tailor make for your needs.