Philippe C. Grandbois


My name is Philippe C. Grandbois, I am the creator and editor of JustCocktails. I am a French Canadian, raised in Canada and moved overseas after completing my education at the University of Waterloo. (..and in the bars and nightclubs of a university town)

Working on 4 continents over my career in Restaurants, Bars and Hotels gave me the want to stay connected with the global bartending and hospitality communities I had only just started to connect with.

After a return to Canada and a busy consulting schedule took hold, I had almost no time to bartend. So the home bar collection grew and grew, some posts, then came events, then writing for local magazines, then more consulting opportunities.

Then came the turning point. The contributors; the real life blood of this site. The inspired bartenders looking for a platform to put some writing out there.

Now we are in a global collaboration, in communication to a growing audience. Daily. Hitting thousands of people, in hundreds of countries, with dozens of posts. It’s incredible to be a part of.

Inspirations come from everywhere, but mostly the people, the culture of Canada and the endless research and editing I get to do as part of my “job” here at JustCocktails.

I consult, I write, I edit, I design, I play, I train others, I tend bar and wax on about wine.

Philippe C. Grandbois

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