Noam Hass

Noam HassSince I was young, I have always believed in the experience of complete perfect hosting. Even at home, when guests were coming for meals I insisted that everything will be perfect and neat to create a special and unique experience.

After two years in the field of retail and marketing, I decided to leave and chase two of my passions – Alcohol and perfect guest experience.

As I was born on a kibbutz, which is a combination of collective commune and a farm, and with the values I absorbed there, such as hard labor, determination & hours of studying, I managed to train and teach myself all about mixing drinks, and the total comprehensive guest experience so it will be reflected through the exact cocktail glass.

I draw my inspiration from thinking about the seasons and satisfactions that fit them, using imagination and dreams come true, to create any cocktail. This journey led me to an immense experience in different countries, searching the perfect way to adjust the right food to the right cocktail while creating the total hosting experience.

Believe in using my homemade syrups and juices, allows me the perfect control and precise taste.

Photographing and design all my cocktails for maximum product precision just like I wanted.

Having experienced work in few different bars, some urban and rural, with 5 years on “behind the bar” experience, today you can find me rattling cocktails behind the bar at the Chef Restaurant of Mariposa in Caesarea Israel

All are invited to come and taste my signature cocktail “The 19th hole”

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