Charlie Parkers in Sydney, something wonderful to taste..

Charlie Parkers in Sydney, something wonderful to taste..
A hidden jewel under ground. You’ll have to search. To go from the entrance to a restaurant, called “Fred’s”, to get there and then get off the stairs that bring you down. Down there, a huge window will open in front of you. At the right time of the day around 17:00, a clear leak of peaceful natural light. This will make the upcoming “performance” even more beautiful.
An elegant host will greet you at the entrance. Then it will be up to you to choose to sit down at the bar surrounded by high and comfortable velvet stools or at the table. All arranged almost like a small amphitheater. We choose the bar, to be able to admire the bartenders at work. To enchant you from the smallest of the nuances you’ll have all around you.
Charlie Parkers

Clarified Milk Punch. Chivas Regal 12, Seaweed, Citrus, Honey, Lapsang Souchong Tea, Split Milk.

You’ll then be given something like a small note book. Like those who were used to draw in the past. Inside it among the depictions of flowers, roots, and fruits, you will have the menu of Charlie Parkers. One of the most recent openings of the Merivale Group.
Don’t look for the name of the drink .. you’ll not find them. A solid and innovative idea for the Australian guest. Drinks cataloged according to the ingredients that make up the plant in nature. Root & soil, stem & branch, leaf & flower, nut & fruit. Clean, balanced, elegant and minimalist drinks. Simple and tidy decorations.
Like flowers and leaves. It is difficult to recommend a drink. All are meticulously prepared using advanced techniques. Between rotavap and home made sodas, seasonal produce and research that goes beyond.
A friendly team. Minimal communication between them.
“To speak, are the eyes and wisdom of those who are there, ready to welcome you.”

Enchanting drinks and nothing trivial.

Such as Sourdough, Spring Onion, Vermouth and Pickle Brine. Unique for a Martini. Which itself encloses an explosion of flavors that you could hardly imagine.

Or the drink created using butter bourbon, pandan, pineapple, fennel Branch and a clarified punch. Harmonious, clean and beautifully presented.

Charlie Parkers
Everything is in unison, colors, music, flavors.
The small list of the food, created by Fred’s renowned chef Danielle Alvarez. You will find dishes such as Tuna tostada with chipotle, avocado and lime. Or the fantastic Reuben sandwich. Daily Flatbread, and other magnificent dishes that will enrich your experience. Even more important to understand, is how the kitchen and bar, walk hand in hand as far as the concept dictates.
Simple ingredients, simple presentations. 
“More importantly, Charlie Parkers is a spokesman for the most real example of sustainability in Sydney.”
The produce is used to the greatest extent, to approach as much as possible at zero waste environment.
It is a modern, advanced bar, with a retro and very relaxed appearance. It is one of those places where the desire to try and discover must walk with you. From the first to the last moment, and you will not be disappointed.
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