10 reasons to drink at Boxcar in Vancouver

10 reasons to drink at Boxcar in Vancouver

If a dive cocktail bar is something of a quandary to you. Let Boxcar answer this practical dilemma.

On a day off I was toured around the wonderful Boxcar in Vancouver. Open since 2013′, this wonderful sister venue screams with character. Dylan mixed me a few beverages and waxed on about seals.

Here are 10 reasons you should be drinking here.

1} As the name would suggest, the venue is long and sleek. This space makes things feel comfortable and just the right amount of seedy for a good night of consumption.


The Tunnel that is Boxcar gives a perfect setting for a drink.

2} A pun filled drinks menu that does not take itself too seriously.


Seasonally Appropriate, with just the right amount of pun.

3} The Dill Boy Cocktail. Complex and deliciously balanced.


Cazadores Tequila, Luxardo Bitter Bianco, Lemon, Honey, Dill, Bittered Sling Lem Marrakech Bitters

4} Entrepreneurial spirit in a can. The owners are also responsible for the super delicious craft lager Good Company. Extremely crush-able.


The Company is good, really good.

5} It is the little things that make a great drinking establishment. This refurbished smashed tin ceiling has texture for days.


Smashed Tin with character.

6} The Art, you will have to go in to get the story. It’s a good one.


If these walls could talk.

7} The Beach Master


Bacardi 8, Mezcal, Apricot Liqueur, Lime, Jarritos Pineapple Soda & Peychauds Bitters

8} A serious champagne menu, no, seriously. It is amazing.


Bubbly for when you just want something French.

9} Dylan, the seal master…”The Beach Master is the dominant male elephant seal…who is the biggest….he fights other mature elephant seals to gain access to mate with female seals”. Dylan is a wonderfully talented man, well travelled, musically inclined and the foremost seal expert in the bar community.


Dylan Gray Jones, the original beach-master

10} The sister venue cannot be missed. Easily stumbled to. To watch an amazing live band while crushing GC lager, cocktails and champagne.


Music & Drinks are always the best combinations.

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