123 of the World’s Best Travel hacks in 2017′

123 of the World’s Best Travel hacks in 2017′

Part of the bar craft involves travel. For inspiration or otherwise. When I was told I would be selected as one of the top travel hackers in 2017′ for my “In flight Bartender” piece, I was ecstatic.

Here is the post, with links available to see all the amazing travel hacks from across all the industries.

TRAVEL HACK; Packing Personal Cocktails For In-Flight Bartending

You get to relieve the pressures of travel, with your perfect drink and you share with your neighbor.

Firstly, get small 30-100 ml bottles. These can be recycled or from a dollar store. Think ahead to the flight. I typically do this on long haul flights as it helps my routine. You can get all the soda’s, ice and even some basic spirits on board so, depending on your airline and cocktail choice, you may be able to pack light.

An old fashion cocktail or a Manhattan are perfect “night caps” for before and after dinner and good to help with sleep. So taking 2 bottles, I bring the whiskey in a larger bottle 100 ml (3 oz+) and a small 30 ml of either the vermouth or a simple syrup. What about the bitters? Mix the correct amount into either the simple syrup or your vermouth. Bring a spoon if you so wish, but it is not necessary, as you can get one on board, in some form or another.

Take all of this in your carry on and carry it in your on board toiletries and clearly mark the bottles. This is key, as you will need to place them in the liquids bag and have a small discussion if asked. Perfectly legal, within the limits of fluids, but they will ask. When I started doing this in 2012′ it was removed from me a few times but now, there are packages you can buy and these are not new.

Once on the plane, pull them out and place them in your seat pocket. When you get your first drink or your drink with dinner, ask for an extra cup with ice. This will be your mixing vessel and drinking vessel. With 3 oz’s of whiskey and 1 oz of bitter infused vermouth, you can make two solid Manhattan cocktails. With the same whiskey and bitter simple syrup, you can make two solid old fashions. Choose to share with your neighbor or take on the double cocktail.

I have brought as many as 12 x 30 ml bottles, with 3 x 100 ml bottles and full out bar-tended for the guests in my row. It was a lot of fun.

I have also simply brought a good ginger beer and some fresh lime juice and a small bottle of bitters and make Moscow mules with the vodka on board already.

The possibilities are endless. With a little planning, you can have the perfect digestive to help you relax and sleep or turn things up with a small bar to serve some new friends on board.

You save bad digestion and gain friends, even if they are just on-lookers.



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