The Coupe; a home bartenders curated guide

The Coupe; a home bartenders curated guide
The Coupe glass has been the favorite glass of professionals and home bartenders for a long time. The Coupe book, celebrates that history. The craft cocktails and vintage collectibles natural intersections.
With cocktail guides and drinks manuals that seem to come out in greater number each year. While you can see a mixture of professional guides blended with curated recipes manuals are everywhere. How do you discern? 
The Coupe by Brian Hart Hoffman is the later. A curation of recipes from across the USA of classics and new age drinks that fit into a coupé.
By design, this book is a coffee table staple. A guide for the consummate host to share some interesting beverages and desserts. Easily followed with categories by spirit and colorful photography.
Hart Hoffman and Hoffman Media are very qualified to tackle this demographic. Hoffman Media is an empire in the USA.
Hoffman Media, LLC (HM) is a privately held, leading special-interest publisher based in Birmingham, Ala. The company specializes in publications targeted to the women’s market and the large base of advertisers who seek a print, online and interactive medium to reach this attractive demographic.

The Coupe‘s foreword paints a lovely picture of the nostalgia in the “coupé” glass. In addition to touching on drinks history. Written by Patrick Dunne, a respected culinary antiques dealer from New Orleans.

Beyond this particular piece of prose, there is little else aside from recipes. The photography feels a little homogenous with a clear formula on the coupé glass on a tray. Although the wonderful lighting and focus make for thoughtful images.
The Coupe
From a professional prospective, you can see some flaws in the mixed beverages on camera. With the egg whites curdling and less than emulsified. Chunky fruit and cheese garnishes etc. A “Tequila” grouping, with 50% of the drinks “Mezcal (spirit)”. Perpetuating the confusion in the group and spirit.
With the eyes of a professional bartender, these small mistakes would have avoided.
Therefore, this book is not for me. In a growing body of works for the home and professional bartenders, this one is a nice compilation. Like a first “kick at the can” kind of book by a media behemoth. Certainly not the last.
In conclusion, I am always excited to read how the other side interprets the “industry”. The patrons perspective. The home bartenders best practices.

Worth the read, The Coupe is a wonderful gift for mom or a budding bartender.

Here is a play on the Chicago Cocktail in my favorite “coupé du jour”, the PURE MARTINI BY SCHOTT ZWIESEL

Obama’s Chicago

1 oz Marquis De Villard Brandy

1 oz Alberta Darkhorse Whisky

1/4 oz Bittermens Amere Nouvelle

1/4 oz Pierre Ferrand Curaçao

1 bar spoon Sherry

1 bar spoon Lemon Grass Simple

Meyer lemon rind

Stir and strain

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