Bartender Pilgrimage, 24 hrs in {insert city name here}

Bartender Pilgrimage, 24 hrs in {insert city name here}

The job of a bartender can be arduous and can take the life from you.

It’s easy to search out articles covering addiction in the hospitality industry. Depression in the industry. Sexual harassment. Bartenders have a front row seat to the best and worst in people. The life of a Bartender is not the life for everyone.
Yet, out of the pain and challenges, comes one of the most fascinating and rewarding careers. We love it. Most would say that the perks outweigh the challenges. Consequently, a bartender works long hours and spends most of their off-time in “refresh” mode. Exploring, hobbies and the like.
Food and drink. It’s our hobby as much as our profession. For us, food and drink are a constant conversation, far beyond sustenance.
Furthermore, Bartenders lucky enough to travel on the dollar of a brand gain gloriously immersive experiences. If nothing else, it offers a bartender a relief away from the day-to-day grind.
A great travel perk is the bartender pilgrimage. The bartender on tour. The pure joy of experiencing another place while getting some “beta” on a new city from a bar stool. Our industry often opens doors not easily held open to those outside of the hospitality “industry”. 

Bartenders love to experience other people’s restaurants and bars.

So the goal; In 2017′ the team will be spending 24-hrs in some of the small and large “drinks” markets around the globe. We’re lucky enough to have some brands support. [full disclosure]

Therefore, we’ll do our best to provide snapshots into what one day, night and hangover can discover about a place. Through the eyes of an industry insider, with the help of our friends.
Stay tuned for 24-hrs in Victoria, BC, Canada, one of Canada’s smallest ‘big cities’.
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