De La Corne, by Chris Enns

Chris Enns is fast as hell as a bartender. He has to be. He’s one of the rugged stand-outs at The Diamond, in Vancouver’s Gastown neighborhood. This is one of the true Canadian homes of high-energy, high-volume craft-cocktails. Chris has also shown his capabilities in speed competitions, such as Barate Kid, where he finished second in his qualifier. But, that doesn’t mean that Chris can’t slow it down, get back to his Prairie roots and appreciate some subtle terroir driven notes. His Pourmasters Canada 2016 entry shows his keenness to do that.

De La Corne pour masters cocktail by Chris Enns
Chris Enns carefully prepare his ingredients.

Frankly, I’m not one to spend much time dissecting the intricacies of a vodka cocktail on the regular. I prefer to use vodka as a base for an elegant infusion. De La Corne stands out, though. The drink evokes subtly flavored grassy coconut with lingering full-bodied umami mouthfeel. I like the droplets of almond oil that float on the top of the drink. It’s a send-up to the Saskatchewan breadbasket Enn’s from, and will visit, when he heads to France. He wants the drinker to be immersed in the senses of sitting in a French bakery as they sip on De La Corne. Quite honestly, it’s a perfect spirit forward vodka drink.

You can find the drink now on offer at The Diamond, 6 Powell St, in Vancouver.

De La Corne pour masters cocktail by Chris Enns
De La Corne, at The Diamond.

De La Corne, by Chris Enns

60 ml Grey Goose Wheat Vodka
10 ml ‘Fransaskois’ Vermouth. Dry vermouth infused with caraway, fennel, anise seeds and sweet grass. The extra botanicals showcase flavors commonly found in baking on the Prairies. 
5 ml Coconut ‘Bleu’ Curaçao – Coconut oil fat washed Curaçao. Enns then infuses the mixture with blueberries, giving it a violet hue.
2 dashes Salted Amaretto 
1 drop Almond Oil 

Combine all ingredients in a stirring vessel. Add ice. Stir until well-chilled and strain into ornate coupé.