Updated Hotel Georgia Cocktail

Updated Hotel Georgia Cocktail

She holds a gun to his head.

“What are you going to print about tonight?”, asks Margaret.

“I’m sorry babe,” Dyter smirks. “I don’t write crime novels”.

Errol Flynn Hotel Georgia

Errol Flynn had his last cocktail at the Hotel Georgia. Was it the hotel’s classic recipe?

Errol Flynn was a famous Hollywood actor whose personal life was more risky than his action roles. Best known for swashbuckling genre films, he was also a registered guest of the Hotel Georgia the night he died in 1959. His first major film role was starring as Dyter in the movie, Murder At Monte Carlo, where he plays a crime reporter. The film is now lost to history – so the opening to this piece could be dialog from the film (who really knows).

Hotel Georgia

Hotel Georgia, Vancouver.

The History

The Hotel Georgia (801 West Georgia) is an imposing beauty of dark wood, stark colored brick, spiral marble stairwells and majestic opulence that is rarely afforded to new buildings. It opened in 1927 and today remains the ‘second best hotel in Canada’ (U.S. News & World Report). The hotel houses some spectacular venues, namely ProhibitionHawksworth, Reflections Rooftop Bar, Bel Café and 1927 Lobby Bar.

For cocktail lovers, not only do the bars at Hotel Georgia offer some of the best drinks in the city, but the hotel is also the birthplace of one of the acknowledged great classic cocktails.

The Cocktail

The Hotel Georgia Cocktail was created in 1945 by socialite, and Waldorf-Astoria publicist, Ted Saucier. He printed his recipe for this silky wonder in his cocktail book, “Bottoms Up” (1951).

Do not make Saucier’s recipe. Today’s bartenders know that their guests obsess with the caveat while ordering, “Not too sweet”, and his recipe will not fly by today’s standards for balance.

The cocktail was resurrected by Hotel Georgia bartender Brad Stanton in 2011 for the opening of the Hawksworth and he fixed the measurements for the modern palate, which verge towards the more tart balance. He also implemented the now standard garnish of grated nutmeg over top of the drink. For the recipe below, we updated the Hotel Georgia by making it vegan.

Vegan Hotel Georgia

Vegan Hotel Georgia

Updated Hotel Georgia

2 oz Odd Society Wallflower Gin

1 oz fresh lemon juice

.75 oz Mandarin Yuzu Orgeat (By Dylan Williams of Ms. Betters *recipe below*)

1 dash Ms. Betters Orange Tree Bitters

Optional: 1 large swath of pithless orange peel

1 egg white | Vegan option: 6 drops Ms. Betters Botanical Cocktail Foamer (Vegan foamer doesn’t need dry shake)

Nutmeg garnish

Combine ingredients in a shaker. Dry shake. Hard shake with ice. Fine strain into a chilled coupé. Grate nutmeg over top of drink to garnish. Optional: Heighten the orange notes by expressing a large pithless peel of orange into the shaker and dropping it in. The oils will interact with the drink in the shake and give you extra layers of complexity.

Yuzu Mandarin Orgeat (by Dylan Williams of Ms. Betters)

Requires a digital scale.
500 grams Chinese South or sweet ‘almonds’ (南 nán) do not use north or bitter almonds
1000 grams water
Peels of 2 large mandarin oranges (pith removed)
Soak over night
Blender and strain into pot (cheesecloth is easiest)
Add 1500 grams granulated sugar (to taste)
Bring to light boil to dissolve sugar.
When cool stir in the following ingredients:
1 tsp of bitter almond extract
1 tsp of citric acid
2 tbsp of yuzu juice
2 tbsp VSOP Brandy

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