Colin Tait in 7 Questions – AUTHOR PROFILE

Colin Tait in 7 Questions – AUTHOR PROFILE

Colin Tait contributes to from his current home in Bangkok, Thailand where he runs the bar at Vesper. Here is Colin in 7 questions.

What was the first well made cocktail you recall loving? 

For me it was definitely a well-made Daiquiri, I couldn’t get enough of them. Coming through the ranks early on in Scotland there was more Mojitos and Cosmopolitans flying about than you could shake a stick at, so a well made Daiquri was an eye opener. It taught me that what a Sour yet balanced cocktail was really about.

If I could make a drink for anyone in the world it would be?

It would be Eddie Izzard. It wouldn’t matter what I was serving as I’m sure the chat would be tremendous, I saw him live a good few years back. I don’t remember ever laughing harder

Describe the drink you want to make for yourself, with the dream ingredients you’d love to be able to make it with? 

I love a seriously well-made Last Word, one of the best cocktails to come out of the dirty Prohibition era. It would be interesting to see what it tasted like with a super rare Chartreuse and my go to Gin of the moment Professor Cornelius Ampleforth’s Bath Tub Gin.

Colin Tait's Favorite Gin

Professor Cornelius Ampleforth’s Bath Tub Gin


My mom is proud of me because? 

I’m still breathing? No, I’m sure she is most proud of my adventurous nature and want to work with different cultures around the world, or things such as this….. I reckon the still breathing comment is probably more accurate.


If you had a t-shirt bearing your bartending philosophy on it, what would it say? 

Banter hard with Brutal Efficiency.


If you could go anywhere in the world and order a drink, where would it be and what would you have?

I’ve been lucky to have traveled a lot, yet I haven’t been to Cuba, I would love to get there soon and sip some Hotel Nacionals until I could sip no more.


Do you have a Bartending pet peeve?

Haha, the controversy this could cause,

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