Ambos Mundos, by Marios Iliopoulos

Ambos Mundos, by Marios Iliopoulos

Meet our #FeatureBartender Marios Iliopoulos.

He is participating in the global Bacardi Legacy Challenge that has inspired the creative efforts of fine bartenders around the globe. Currently, Marios is in the final four for Greece. The competition has led many talented bartenders to reach out to us to showcase their drinks. We’ve decided that we’ll have a routine feature for global bartenders, with one of their drinks, in a new section on our website.

Ambos Mundos Cocktail Image credit Myrto Panteloglou

Marios Iliopoulos pours his Ambos Mundos Cocktail | Image credit Myrto Panteloglou

In his own words, “I work at Six D.O.G.S in Monastiraki, in the center of Athens. It is an art-space and I work as head bartender in the Secret Handshake. I’ve worked as a bartender for 20 years.
The story behind the cocktail is interesting because the result fits the name. Ambos Mundos means “two worlds” in Spanish and my inspiration came from the two worlds of Bacardi. There was Bacardi of Cuba and Bacardi of the world, after deportation from Cuba.
Personally, my night lifestyle and my girlfriends as an artist forms two worlds. Last but not least, my cocktail comes from classic cocktail construction but it combines the old and the new,” relates Iliopoulos.

Ambos Mundos Cocktail

Ambos Mundos Cocktail

Ambos Mundos Cocktail | Image credit Myrto Panteloglou

 “The great thing is that the taste of the cocktail is sweet and bitter. It flawlessly combines the two different worlds in one.” –  Marios Iliopoulos
7.5 ml Pomegranate syrup

Combine ingredients in stirring vessel. Add ice. Stir until well chilled and serve in a cold coupé.

How to make Pomegranate Syrup (Recipe by Eugenia Bone, Food Writer – NYT Food)

“Pomegranate syrup begins with juice: Grind the arils (the seeds plus their red pulp) in a food mill, then pass the juice through cheesecloth. Or grind them briefly in a blender and strain through a cheesecloth. The latter can cloud the juice but it does not affect the flavor. A large pomegranate will produce from three-quarters to one cup of juice.” – Eugenia Bone

For every 2 cups of Pomegranate juice, add 3/4 cup of granulated sugar. Simmer lightly to dissolve sugar and to achieve desired reduction. (Eugenia suggests reducing mixture by half)

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