Rebecca Davis in 7 Questions – AUTHOR PROFILE

Rebecca Davis in 7 Questions – AUTHOR PROFILE

Rebecca Davis has been contributing to since its inception. Davis works with Sovereign Wine & Spirits in Calgary, Alberta. Here is Rebecca in 7 questions.

What was the first well made cocktail you recall loving? 

I visited Cuba for two weeks when I was 19. I spent a couple days in Havana and while sitting at a small bar in the city, I ordered a Mojito.

After a culture of sour-mix and high-balls ruined my young opinion about cocktails, watching this older man muddle fresh lime with raw sugarcane in a tall glass really blew my mind. He threw in a handful of fresh mint, topped the glass with crushed ice and free poured white rum almost to the brim. Finally, the smallest splash of soda finished his creation.

The theatre of his process and the care he took in his work inspired me. I can still say that to this day, I remember exactly what it tasted like. Fresh, delicious, and I’ve yet to taste another that came close to it.

If I could make a drink for anyone in the world it would be?

Marilyn Monroe. That kind of elegance and classic glamour is what I try to bring to all parts of my life, especially cocktails.

Describe the drink you want to make for yourself, with the dream ingredients you’d love to be able to make it with?

An old fashioned with Pappy Van Winkle 23.

Rebecca Davis Pappy Van Winkle 23


After visiting Kentucky, for Camp Runamok, I have an even more appreciation for Bourbon and American Whiskey. I’ve never had the pleasure of trying the ’23’, but I can only imagine the intoxicating aroma and flavor it possesses.

My mom is proud of me because? 

I love what I do. I have always been a creative person and she has always been there
to encourage me.

If you had a t-shirt bearing your Bartending philosophy on it, what would it say? 

Fuck it. Let’s make cocktails!

If you could go anywhere in the world and order a drink, where would it be and what would you have?

A beach in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil and I would order a classic Caipirinha.

Do you have a Bartending pet peeve?

The average Vodka Redbull drinker.

They are frequently rude, demanding and unappreciative towards the person pouring their drink. Be an adult and drink whiskey!

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