Mint Juleps in the Seelbach Hotel

Mint Juleps in the Seelbach Hotel

Walking into the hotel bar at the Hilton Seelbach, is like walking back in time to an era of
flappers, moonshine & jazz. 

Seelbach Lobby

Seelbach Lobby | Image credit  

Fun Fact: The opulent 4 star Seelbach Hotel served as the inspiration for F. Scott Fitzgerald’s The Great Gatsby

Dim lighting, a dark color scheme and scents of dusty whiskey stained wood reminds me of what a Pre-Prohibition bar would be like. I’m seated at the frayed oak bar to be greeted by an old school bartender who looks old enough to be my father.

seelbach whiskey sign

The Old Seelbach’s Neon Whiskey Sign 

The hotel bar specializes in premium Bourbon, so I intend to order one straight, only to be distracted by an amazing cocktail the barkeeper is building in front of me.

The glass is tall and the bottom filled with fresh mint and simple syrup, crushed ice fills the glass, a healthy pour of bourbon floated on top and finally a whole spring of mint with a dusting of icing sugar finishes off this Julep.

Of course I order one, and then another, and then another. I start chatting up the bartender, he tells me that Al Capone himself once sat in this bar. The Seelbach was considered an oasis for many law breakers during the Noble Experiment.

A sign of a good bar is when strangers sitting at the bar top become friends after a cocktail or two and the Old Seelbach is no exception. I met a few lovely couples while imbibing here and my experience was nothing but exceptional.

The Hotel Bar combines the luxury of a high-end hotel with the welcoming southern charm of Louisville.

The Old Seelbach is known to be one of the best bars in the United States and it is easy to see why.

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