Matt Grippo in 7 questions

Matt Grippo in 7 questions

Matt Grippo is currently writing for from San Francisco, California. Get to know a little about Matt in 7 questions.

What was the first well made cocktail you recall loving?

Pegu Club. I’m sure I had a good Old Fashioned or Manhattan but a friend of mine named Matty Colston, when we were in Cincinnati, made me a Pegu Club. He was geeking out super hard on cocktails. It stood out in my head because he was so passionate and it was a great, well-balanced and complex cocktail. 

If I could make a drink for anyone in the world, who it would be?

Matty Colston. The guy I mentioned above. He is the one who got me into cocktails. He was writing menus and wine programs in Cincinnati around 2005, which technically is in the future. He now works at Parachute Restaurant in Chicago and is a snobby wine guy, haha

Describe the drink you want to make for yourself, with the dream ingredients you’d love to be able to make it with? 

Beer. If I could make anything it would be beer. I live in San Francisco and have everything I want to use. In my dream I would be a brewer and actually create something from scratch. I like getting blood from a stone. Anyone can craft a good cocktail with the best ingredients. 

My mom is proud of me because?  

I work hard. I’ve always had a job, whether it sucked or not and never complained.

If you had a t-shirt bearing your Bartending philosophy on it, what would it say?

“Cash only”

This isn’t just because I work at a cash only bar, it’s because I hate the way the world is becoming. Nothing is more simple than cash. I like simple, I like real tangible things like pens and paper.

If you could go anywhere in the world and order a drink, where would it be and what would you have? 

Bar High Five

Hidetsugu Ueno‘s Negroni is outstanding and listening to him talk about making drinks blew my mind.

Matt Grippo

Hidetsugu Ueno, at Bar High Five.| Image credit Spanish Hipster

Do you have a Bartending pet peeve? 

‘Mixologists’, people who keep the tradition of snobbery and pretension behind bars alive. 

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