Rose of Althea, Disaronno Mixing Star

Rose of Althea, Disaronno Mixing Star

Rose of Althea

1.5oz Disaronno Amaretto

0.4oz Rose Syrup

0.5oz Fresh lemon juice

2 dashes of Mexican vanilla

Wild Hibiscus Flowers

Combine all the ingredient, except flowers, in a boston shaker and shake with lots of ice. Double strain into glass. Garnish with edible flower.

“Rose of Althea”

My inspiration for this cocktail started with a jar of wild hibiscus flowers that I randomly found at my local wine shop. After opening the jar, I discovered that the syrup was a rich, floral rose that paired perfectly with the Amaretto. These ingredients results in a velvety lush cocktail perfect for any occasion. The icing on the cake is eating the flower afterward! 

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  • rebeccamind

    Not yet, but it is waiting for me at Purlator!

  • rebeccamind

    Did you get your tiny Disaronno Citrus cutter?

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