The Low Talker, for the love of Luxardo, and Seinfeld

1 oz Havana Club 7 year
1 oz Alberta Springs Whisky
3/4 oz Luxardo Sangue Marlacco Cherry liqueur
2 dashes of Angostura Bitters

Stirred, strained into chilled coupé and garnished with a lemon rind. Low Talker.

Tasting notes: a little rich with a velvety texture but well balanced. Nice blend between the ingredients. Great after dinner cocktail.

The original LUXARDO drink is called the “lady whisperer”. I went with the low talker because I’m kind of know behind my bar to be a bit of a low talker myself from time to time and behind the wood, that is a bit of a problem.

Low Talker 

Seinfeld “low talker”

low-talker – (related terms: close talker, high talker, puffy shirt1. a person who talks in a low, soft voice. 2. nobody hears anything when a low talker speaks.3. may cause the listener to accidentally nod their head and say “yes” and “oh, sure” and end up wearing a funny/puffy shirt 4. quote: “She’s one of those low-talkers. You can’t hear a word she’s saying! You’re always going ‘excuse me’, what was that?” — Jerry 5. episode: The Puffy Shirt

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