Fallen Angel, for the love of Luxardo

Press play and listen to this preview of the 1945 classic Fallen Angel. Read on.

Cocktail available at Charcut in Calgary, AB, CAN today.

1 oz Beefeater Gin
1/2 oz Cynar liqueur
1/2 oz Boulard Calvados
1/2 oz Luxardo Sangue Marlacco Cherry Liqueur
2 dashes of Bitter Sling’s Lem-march bitters
– stirred
– garnished with a grapefruit rind which I rimmed the glass with

For the picture I got fancy and used a strawberry rose I cut, not necessary. The fallen angel imagery and all.

Tasting notes: soft and delicate, very well balanced throughout the various ingredients. You taste the cherry closer to the end of each sip. Great starter cocktail

This cocktail is a twist on a cocktail from the Luxardo cocktail book. The original drink was the “angel face”

Inspiration: I had the absolute pleasure to meet with Franco Luxardo from the Luxardo brand distillery during a tasting of their current and new line up of products. At the end of the event Franco presented us with a new Luxardo cocktail book which he signed for me. One of the cocktails that stood out to me was a drink called   “Angel Face”. The cocktail I created was a twist on the Angel Face.

Fallen Angel

Fallen Angel is a 1945 black-and-white film noir directed by Otto Preminger, with cinematography by Joseph LaShelle, who had also worked with Preminger on Laura a year before. The film features Alice FayeDana AndrewsLinda Darnell, and Charles Bickford. It was the last film Faye made as a major Hollywood star, and she did not make another film until State Fair (1962).


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