Cherry Bomb, #TGIF, Kaffir, Cherry, Kettle and Violette are at the bar.

Cherry Bomb, #TGIF, Kaffir, Cherry, Kettle and Violette are at the bar.

2 Parts Ketel One vodka

1/2 Part Giffard Violette

1 Part Cherry purée

1 part lemon juice

3-4 kaffir lime leaves

Shake all ingredients with a boston shaker with lots of ice. Double strain into chilled glass.

Tasting notes:  

Aromatic on the nose with sweet/spicy notes. The taste is smooth and fruity with flavours of cherry bomb, lime, and floral notes. Medium body that rolls off the tongue and a long finish.

I (@rebeccamind) wanted to create something that would have a smooth texture with lots of different layers of flavour. 

We found this interesting, but it did not influence the cocktail, we swear..

Cherry bomb (film)

Cherry Bomb

Cherry bomb is a drama film released in the United Kingdom in 2009, starring Rupert Grint,[2] James Nesbitt, and Robert Sheehan. Filming began on location in Belfast on 7 July 2008, and lasted four weeks.[3] The film includes nudity, drinking, drugs, shop-lifting and car theft.[4] It was released to DVD on 23 August 2010 in the UK. It is currently awaiting release in the US.

Cherry bomb premiered at the 2009 Berlin Film Festival, but was initially unable to find a distributor. An online campaign by Grint’s fans was credited with helping to secure a deal for distribution in the United Kingdom.[5]

Cherry Bomb

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