“Hoots Mon Cocktail” testing from The Savoy Cocktail Book

“Hoots Mon Cocktail” testing from The Savoy Cocktail Book

Reading “cocktail manuals” from the past is bound to send you down a “worm-hole” of information.

No cocktail book has served us better for such an endeavour as “The Savoy Cocktail Book”. This original created and maintained at the Savoy Hotel in London is simply one of the most iconic books in the “industry”. A thorough review to follow, although we would assume that most who cross theses posts would have it already. If not please have a look in the sidebar for a great deal on the book.

The “Hoots Mon Cocktail” on page 84 serves as inspiration for today’s post. Here is the recipe from The Savoy Cocktail Book.

1/4 Kina Lillet

1/4 Italian Vermouth

1/2 Scotch Whiskey

Stir well and strain into cocktail glass.


To say “Hoots Mon” in Scotland in the late 18th and early 19th century was simply “Hey Man”, or so we have been told.

Hoots Mon and Hoop La cocktails both call for Kina Lillet which would suggest a bit of a group.

We tested this cocktail with many Scotches, both Cocchi Americano (Modeled after Kina Lillet) and Lillet Blanc, and stuck with our favourite “Italian Vermouth” which is Cinzano Sweet Bianco. Here is our last recipe.

45 ml Bruichladdich The Laddie Ten (Unpeated)

15 ml Cocchi Americano

15 ml Lillet Blanc

25 ml Cinzano Bianco.

Stirred well and strained over a dried lemon peel. This adds a subtle citrus note and it to draw some of those elements out from the spirits.

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  • philippegbois

    Isn’t Italian vermouth as dictated by ancient manuals such as the savoy typically sweet vermouth? whereas french vermouth in such recipes refers to a white dry vermouth?

    • philippegbois

      Generally you are correct. Cinzano Bianco is a white sweet vermouth:) We like to test them all. Sweet does not mean dark.

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