The cosmopolitan #100Classics

The cosmopolitan is likely the first cocktail I ever made. Then I hated to make them, and now I make a damn good one.

This is a new classic, with a murky history came about in a time when revolution began in mixology. 

Some say this cocktail started that revolution. 

In my generation this cocktail made popular by Dale Degroff, and then the television show Sex in the City. 

Cosmopolitan Ingredients
Citrus Vodka, Cointreau, Lime, Cranberry

 The Fresh Cosmopolitan

45 ml Belvedere Citrus

15 ml Cointreau

40 ml Fresh Cranberry Juice*

20 ml Raw Simple Syrup

1/4 lime wedge squeezed

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Cosmopolitan Coupe
Cosmopolitan Coupe

This cocktail should be shaken hard, and should come out rather light reddish pink. Really, it is to taste. I like a little more cranberry and a little more lime. Personal preference is a part of particular drinking.