The Cocktails of the Ritz Paris – Book Review

The Cocktails of the Ritz Paris – Book Review

With a library of cocktail, bar, beverage and hospitality books in my office, it is a major surprise that I did not already have a copy of this manual by Mon. Colin Peter Field. I have had the pleasure of his instruction and have buried my head in this book before while in a friends library.

The Cocktails of the Ritz Paris is a cocktail book that keeps to its story and thesis. This book looks to both tell the story of the people and the inspiration, along with the recipe of course. The cocktails show a true craftmanship and finesse that lacks in some modern establishments. 

This is more than a cocktail book, it is a bartender’s story around his journey at the Bar Hemingway to that point. Another is already published.

If you have lived off the grid of popular culture, you may not know Colin P. Field, Forbes Magazine, Travel & Leisure, and a whole host of other publications have called him the best Barman alive. Few would fight that point. Kate Moss and he are personal friendsHe is a sportsman, well-travelled, and is certainly more than “just a bartender”.

This cocktail book is more than 10 years old and holds great relevance in the current cocktail and bar climate with timeless technique and the transparent simplicity of the Ritz Paris.

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