Cherry Chocolate Pisco Sour

Cherry Chocolate Pisco Sour

When I think of Pisco, I think of the gross misunderstanding around the spirit. The average consumer does not know it is a grape “brandy” until they read the label. I have found, in serving the product, most people believe it closer to Tequila. Likely due to the success of the ‘Pisco Sour”.

Wherever you access the spirit from, cocktails or sipping, access the incredible diversity in the flavours and labels.

The classic “Sour” Cocktail is a great place to start, with a balanced core, the Pisco dances on your tongue.

Cherry Chocolate Pisco Sour

60 mls Miguel Torres El Pisco Gobernador

15 mls Luxardo Sangue Morlacco Cherry Liqueur

1/2 fresh lime pressed (about 25 mls)

 15 – 20 mls simple syrup (I use honey 1:1)

1 egg white

6 drops of house Chocolate Bitter (commercially available, but endlessly easy to make)



The method is not tricky with a sour. I first add my citrus, alcohol egg white and half the bitters into a shaker. Dry shake for rigid “meringue” on top. Wet shake with lot’s of ice and strain into a fun glass. I used my antique Margarita glasses, as an ode to the contradiction is perception of Pisco. The classic garnish is the drops of bitter on the pillow of foam, an ode to that, but be sure to include bitters in the cocktail as well as the garnish, as this one is mostly visual.


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