Braulio Bormio Amaro, for the morning after

Braulio Bormio Amaro, for the morning after

La Mattina Dopo
2 parts Braulio Bormio Amaro Alpino
3 parts Fresh brewed Coffee or Americano

Brew your ideal roast. Combine with Amaro and serve. Delicious, and as all bon vivant know, sometimes necessary after a night of dedicated imbibing. For this post, I used the excellent Costa Rica Leonardo Rojas from Phil & Sebastian Coffee Roasters.

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What is Braulio Bormio?

It’s an Amaro from Bormio, a gorgeous ski resort town in the Italian Alps. The Braulio Distillery, pronounced Brah-oo-li-oh, produces many eau-de-vies and liqueurs, for the Italian market. Their monovitigno (single grape varietal) grappas are exclusively sourced from the five sub-regions in the Alta Valtellina (Inferno, Sassella, Grumello, Vagella and Maroggia) Their products are widely found in nearby Milan.

The Braulio Alpine Amaro, created 1875 by Francesco Peloni, a pharmacist searching for the ultimate digestion remedy. The Alpine Amaro is made with thirteen fresh herbs, including Great Yellow Gentian, Juniper, Peppermint, Chamomile, Wormwood, Bitter Orange and Mask Yarrow.  Peloni took the name of Mount Braulio where he found all thirteen herbs used in the recipe.
The town of Bormio got its name from a German term relating to ‘warm waters’. This is a noted factor into why Germanic people first moved into the area. The waters are renowned for millennia for their restorative properties. The distillery mixes this spa water into the alcohol and herb infusion for a month before the amaro goes into the barrel. The blend is matured in Slavonian oak two years. 

The finished result is a light bodied amaro with a minty fresh tasting balance of sweetness and bitterness.

The Alpine Amaro is now easy to find in the Canadian market but it may be some time before the Braulio lineup of products is widely available, if ever.

For those that are travelling to Italy, look out for the highly regarded Riserva Speciale version of Braulio Amaro. It gets extra aging in oak and is a higher proof.

Now go get some Braulio with coffee. Cheers and to your health!

Bormio Italy

The distillery is in the middle of Bormio, surrounded by the Alta Valtellina Superiore

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