George Dickel Tennessee Whisky No. 12

George Dickel Tennessee Whisky No. 12

George Dickel No. 12 
George Dickel & Co. (Cascade Hollow, Tullahoma, Tennessee)
Grain – Corn (at least 84%%), Rye (8%), Barley (8%) 

PROOF: 90 (45%)  
AGE: 10 Years + 
TYPE: Straight, Sour Mash 

PRICE: $38.00 750 ML (Check out Vine Arts

When one thinks about Whisk(e)y, you first consider where you are from. I am Canadian, so the idea of a Tennessee Whisky, fits broadly into the “American” Category, and then fiddles into the sub families.

Dickel fits into 3 categories really, American, Tennessee and Bourbon. JD and Dickel stand along in this “Tennessee” category. The defining process of both whisky is known as the “Licoln County Process” which is any variation (flavoured or not) of running the whisky through 10+ feet of charcoal filtering. None of this is law, or a need, not even the “Tennessee” headline means anything but a place.

Here is to hoping that it does not get buried in the Diageo fodder..

George Dickel 12 yr

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