Fancy Cognac Smash, a classic muddled cocktail

Fancy Cognac Smash, a classic muddled cocktail

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2 Parts Remy Martin VSOP
1 part Cointreau
1 barspoon Luxardo Maraschino Liqueur
3 heavy dashes Angostura Aromatic bitters
1/2 Lime, cut into large chunks
6 grapes, sliced in half
5 mint leaves (optional, as are the use of other herbs instead)
Topped with soda water, to taste
Crushed ice

Combine grapes and lime chunks into shaker tin. Muddle until lime and grapes are juiced. Add alcoholic liquids and ice. Shake hard and double strain into rocks glass over fresh crushed ice. Use muddled pieces of lime and grape for garnish. Top with soda of your choice. Stir to blend ingredients. Sip and wax philosophical about the nearest piece of art.

What is a “Smash”?

This is a cocktail style that allows for wide variation according to the spirits available and seasonal ingredients handy.
The “Fancy Brandy Smash” was a cocktail specifically written about, though not invented, by Harry Johnson.

In the New And Improved Bartenders Manual (1888)  Johnson defined the drink as being a combination of shaken brandy, sugar, mint and ice served with “fruits in season“, over “fine ice“. Johnson’s recipes for Smashes always called for the drink to be strained over fresh ice.
It is a flexible and forgiving cocktail, ideal for serving to large parties and utilizing whatever ingredients you have on hand.

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