The Kollar Club with Double Cross

The Kollar Club with Double Cross
Kollar Club

The Kollar Club

2 parts Double Cross vodka 

1 bar spoon Yellow Chartreuse

1 bar spoon Fireweed Honey

5 drops Bittermen’s Boston Bittahs (Chamomile Lemon)

Garnish: Lemon Twist

Combine ingredients in stirring vessel. Stir to combine honey with other ingredients and then add ice to stir and chill. Serve in a chilled coupe. Express lemon oil on top and garnish with lemon peel.


Double Cross Flag & Coat of Arms

Double Cross is an ultra premium winter wheat vodka in a bottle designed to honor Slovak nationalism, poetry and history. The name is a playful reference to their nation’s flag

The Double Cross bottle has a piece of poetry on the back of the bottle in Slovakian. Translated it reads:

‘And she came to me softly garbed in lillies

As unassuming as a skylark song and the snowy wings of a dove

And knocked on my door…’

The cocktail, designed to pay homage to the alpine character of the vodka, careful to preserve its distinct nose and to keep its distinct spice notes present through to the finish. Not a common task for a vodka drink.

  The name Kollar Club, taken from Jan Kollar. He was a Slovak poet, writer and thinker who passionately fought for Slovakian national unity in the mid-1800’s. The Kollar Club is also a Slovak community club and live music venue in Pittsburgh that started its life as a library named after Jan Kollar.

  For those that love to imbibe better, we salute you – “na zdravie!”


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