Clover Club Cocktail, fresh strawberry version for Oh Canada! day eh.

Clover Club Cocktail, fresh strawberry version for Oh Canada! day eh.

 What is Red and White, Balanced and Delicious? The Clover Club.

I chose not to use a “dry gin” opting for the Old Tom from Hayman’s. Simply delicious.

Everything you need..

Seperate the egg white, and add it to a shaker. 

Take your 4 or 5 fresh strawberries, half them and muddle them into the white. Add a 1/2 barspoon of raw sugar pulverized (in a coffee grinder).

Juice of 1/2 lime.

I had an agave nectar that was kaffir lime infused so I opted for this (1/3 the portion for Agave)

The reason for the “Old Tom” gin was for Balance. The key. I did not use Grenadine, like the recipe calls, I hate the stuff. So I balanced with a sweeter gin, better, richer sugar and fresh, ripe strawberries.

Balance is the key to happiness in business and cocktails. 1 & 1/2 oz Hayman’s Old Tom Gin

Clover Club Cocktail

1/2 Fresh Lime, juiced

1 Fresh egg white

4 Fresh Field Strawberries, halved 

1/2 barspoon fine sugar (or 1/3 agave nectar)

Add strawberries, sugar and lime juice into shaker and muddle. Add egg white, and gin. Dry shake (without ice) for 30 seconds, add ice and shake until silky. Double strain into coupe and garnish with a strawberry. 

This is a true classic and one that is only fresher here with. Enjoy and balance for your party and and your palate.


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