“The Cruel Sea”

“The Cruel Sea”

The Crule Sea

75 ml Tanqueray 10

30 ml Loose Leaf White Tea well steeped with Blood Orange peels

30 ml Fireweed Honey Water (1:1 Honey/Water)

3.5 ml Angostura Aromatic Bitters

15 ml Fresh Lime juice

3 dashes Bittermans Boston Bittahs (Chamomile Lemon Oil)

1 egg white

1 ice globe

1 peel of Blood Orange

Cold press white tea leaves and blood orange peels for 6 hours, to get tea concentrate.
Prepare honey water mixture ahead of time.
Combine all liquid ingredients in cocktail shaker, starting with egg white. Add four large ice cubes. Hard shake for 20 seconds. Double strain over large ice globe in rocks glass.

Express 1 blood orange peel over top of cocktail, as a top note. Discard peel.
Sip, savor and rejoice.

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