“North Country Flip”

3 parts Yukon Midnight Sun (Espresso Stout)
1 part Yukon Solstice Botanical Vodka
1 part Yukon Lead Dog Ale Syrup *
1 egg
5 drops Bittered Sling Moondog Bitters
2 pieces unsweetened organic dark chocolate

* To create syrup – reduce Yukon Lead Dog (Old English Ale) in a saucepan, on simmer. Stir in equal parts (1:1) demerara sugar with beer reduction. Add 1 piece dark chocolate and dissolve it thoroughly. Allow to cool to room temperature and use.

Combine all ingredients except Espresso Stout in shaker. Shake extremely vigorously and double strain into rocks glass.
Top with Espresso Stout.
Garnish with fresh grated dark chocolate. Imbibe.

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