“A Vieux Carre” A look @pdtnyc handbook

“A Vieux Carre” A look @pdtnyc handbook


Let us first get a drink in hand and then onto the rest;

1.5 parts Pendleton 12 yr Canadian Ry Whiskey

1 part Hennessy Black

1 part Carpana Antica

1/4 part B&B Dom Benedictine

1 dash Peychauds

1 Angostura ice cube

Add all ingredients without the Angostura cube to mixing glass. Stir well, julep strain into chilled coupe. Add Angostura cube and enjoy.

This recipe is straight from the PDT Batender’s Guide who lovingly took it from Stanley Clisby Arthur in his 1937 Famous New Orleans Drinks. “This is the Cocktail Walter Bergeron, head bartender of the Hotel Monteleone Cocktail Lounge, takes pride in mixing.


A delightful mix of some of my favourtite things. Whiskey, Dom, Carpano, Bitters and Cognac.


Although I made some small variations on the proportions I feel the Angostura Infused ice cube is the best change. It is as easy as putting 2 dashes in each cube of your trays as you are freezing.

Enjoy this delicious variation on a modern classic, re-done and altered here.

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