“Rosemary & Carrot Vesper”

“Rosemary & Carrot Vesper”


3 parts New Deal Gin
1 part Carrot Infused Belvedere PURE
1/2 part Lillet Blanc
2 dashes Rosemary & Grapefruit Bitter & Twisted
Grapefruit rind

Add ingredients to chilled mixing glass. Stir over ice, add rind oils to glass first then strain into chilled coupe.

The Carrot Infusion;

Infusions like this are easy, you just need to set your reminders. Start with 3-4 organic carrots, (This is one case where organic is a MUST, as the other stuff is tasteless).

Grate them down and add them to a large mason jar, fill with a quality vodka and let it rest out of the fridge for 2 weeks. Shake it daily, put it beside the Salt so you don’t forget.

In 2 weeks, strain it out and start the process again. I typically do this for 4 cycles (cause I LOVE carrot), most infusions of “hard” veg and fruit take a little longer, and I like to keep it Fresh

and vibrant with the flavours and colours. As you get into the second cycle you can consider placing it in the fridge to keep it nice and BRIGHT ORGANGE.

at the end of it all, simple CHEESECLOTH strain it and put it in your favourite bottle.

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