“Coastal Tonic”

A Spanish Inspired Gin & Tonic
2 Parts Gvine Nouaison Gin
6 Parts Qtonic
1 Part Fresh Lime Juice
5 Drops OceanWise Phytoplankton

Build in a 16oz Wine Glass, over ice. Gently stir ingredients enough to blend
Garnish with fresh, spanked Tarragon

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Bartender. Dirt City Bon Vivant. Writer for @CulinaireMag | Contributor to Liquor.com | Partner in @justcocktails |


  • livelikeburning

    Health benefits of phytoplankton? Also, when spanking Tarragon, um..

    • livelikeburning

      Phytoplankton is purported to be a super food. At any rate, the briny green tang works in a G&T

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