“The Hennessy Leviathan”


2 parts Hennessy VS
1 part house Hennessy VS Orange Liqueur
2 bar spoons Martini Rosso
2 parts fresh orange juice
1 beet & vermouth soaked orange rind

Add ingredients to mixing glass, without rind. Stir with 1 large cube (si possible) double strain over rind in a chilled coupe.

*Hennessy Orange Liqueur – take 750 mL of Hennessy VS and remove 1-3 oz’s from the bottle, add 3 whole orange rinds. Allow to rest for 3 weeks, remove old rinds, add 3 new. Allow to rest additional 3 weeks, remove and fine strain, add 2-4 oz’s of dark organic agave nectar. Bottle and shelf for 7 days before serving.

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