The “Lymburn”


2 parts Bulleit Frontier Whiskey
1 part Averna Amaro
1 part Grenache Hibiscus Reduction (See method)
1 part Fresh Lime
2 wheels of lemon
5 heavy dashes Angostura aromatic bitters
1 dash Bitter Truth Mole Chocolate bitters


Combine all ingredients, except Angostura, in a shaker, Add ice. Hard shake, and double strain over large ice cube. Garnish with Lemon wheel. Pour heavy angostura float, on top.

*Syrup: Take one bottle of Grenache and reduce over low heat. Add equal parts sugar, and steep a handful of hibiscus flowers, and lemon peels, into simmering batch. At room temperature, add brandy, to fortify.

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  • livelikeburning

    I’d like to try one of these cocktails but where can you find these ingredients?Closet I could come would be Total Wine,but they don’t have them.

    • livelikeburning

      Unfortunately ingredients are very local and hard to find sometimes. Here in Alberta Canada we have no restrictions on import and export really, save the tax, and it is more “open” than most areas.
      In Alberta most liquor stores carry the bourbon, the Averna right off. Most “specialty” cooking stores like the Cookbook Company here in Calgary carry the chocolate bitters and hibiscus flowers and the Angostura can be found in the juice isle of the grocery along with the lemons and limes.

      Where do you reside in the world?

      • livelikeburning

        Thanks Philippe, for getting back to him 🙂

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