“Ambrosia Cider Tea Punch”

This is the “Homes For The Holidays” recipe

4 parts Steeped ‘Steeps’ Organic Cinnamon Embers Tea

2 parts Demerara Sugar, Ambrosia Apple, Spiced Syrup

1 part Alberta Premium Dark Horse Rye

1 part Okanagan Spirits Canados Apple Brandy

1/2 part Fresh lime juice

3 dashes Kale & Nori CrabApple Cardamom bitters http://kaleandnori.com/bittered-sling-extracts

2 dashes Bitter Truth Aromatic bitters (optional, if unavailable)

2 dashes Angostura Aromatic bitters (available at Safeway)

Garnish with whole star anise

1 litre of syrup – 1:1 demerara sugar & water, boiled with 2 sliced BC Ambrosia apples, fresh grated cinnamon, nutmeg & whole cloves to taste.

Tea was chosen as it has mild spice and citrus, highly aromatic without noticeable sweetness. A good base to build on. Any holiday, loose leaf, blend should work, if Steeps Organic Cinnamon Embers is unavailable.

Adjust lime juice, or syrup, to control sweetness/acidity; to taste.

Combine non-alcoholic ingredients & bitters with heat. add to mug containing rye & brandy. Stir, and serve with garnish.

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