“The Diner Special”


2 parts Grey Goose le Citron
1 part lemon juice
3 parts carbonated “clarified strawberry pie filling solution” (Angostura and Whiskey Aged barrel Bitters to be added to this part)

Stir alcohol and lemon in a mixing glass with ice to chill, then fine strain into a small beaker over fresh ice. Top with clarified strawberry pie filling solution from soda siphon. Garnish in dome with a hulled out cinnamon stick stuffed with graham and sugar that has been bruléed.

Clarified strawberry pie filling
1) Make your secret family recipe of pie filling
2) Use Agar Agar to clarify *stay tooned, clarification recipe to follow

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  • philippegbois

    I love the presentation of this. I notice you do a lot of molecular mixology. It would be really great if you could post some how-tos with more in-depth instruction on how to achieve this kind of thing.

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